Daniel John Phillips

Home Far Away

I have been thinking about the burning sun, the sting of dust, the pleasure of clouds and the longing for love. “Home Far Away” explores the fantasy of “The Cowboy” as a metaphor for the lonely wide open plains I have been roaming in my quest to find creative purpose. Since I left the Army I have been on a journey to find my voice through performance, spirituality and finally, photography.

In this project of self portrait and landscape images I document the journey of Ezekiel, a factitious outlaw who seeks to find his home. I am documenting the spirit of The Cowboy, the loneliness, worry, the empty feelings, and barren landscapes. I see these elements, not only in today’s wild west, but in myself as well.

This narrative story draws on imagery of spaghetti westerns, 1970’s western cinema and in the tradition of cowboy poetry.

I relate to the journey of the Cowboy. Lost in the Mojave of my mind. Looking for that place of rest. Looking for Home.