Maria Elena Trajtenberg

2020 Calendar Simulacrum

May 25th 2020: Flor came over and we went to the beach. We sunbathed, played some beach tennis, drank some beers and talked about the past.

June 3rd 2020: Viole took me to a music festival. They played all of our favorite songs. It was full of people. We had a blast!

June 16th 2020: Today I invited Vale to the movie theatre. We watched a comedy and ate popcorn. Although the movie was not really funny, we laughed a lot.

July 5th 2020: Jacques invited me to the Art Institute of Chicago. It was nice to see art. I was inspired and got to know artists that I didn’t know before.

July 23rd 2020: Martin and I got together to play tennis. It felt good to be active. Although he posted on his Instagram story that he won the match, he didn’t. Of course I won! Duh!

August 6th 2020: Anto and I went to the park for a yoga class. The weather was really good. It was nice be outdoors and the class was very relaxing.

Distant Memories

Remember when we used to smoke late at night, sitting on the edge of my bathroom’s window? Remember when we used to play cards and I got mad at you for cheating?
Remember when we used to go out every single night of our short Uruguayan summer?
Remember when we used to pretend we were boyfriend and girlfriend so that the guys at the club would not bother you?
Remember when we had deepest conversations while doing our nails?
Remember when we used to live together and we did everything together and at the same time, even changing clothes?
Remember when we used to read to each other our favorite quotes?

Are we ever going to be able to do all of that again without a screen between us?

Undefined Moments