Aashish Chandratreya


My father began riding a scooter 40 years ago. When I learned to ride a motorbike, it was my dream to ride like my brother. Nobody dared sit on the pillion behind him. The way he rode made it so easy to trust him. After he passed away, inter-city rides with my best friend evolved me from an explorer to an adventurer.

I strongly believe that motorbikes give an adrenaline rush to their riders. Even in the most difficult of times, they provide a sense of freedom, the chance to break free from all their problems in the world. While only momentary, they fulfill our dream to fly, to achieve the impossible, accessing a world out of humanity’s reach. Two wheels now propel my journey through life. From riding I’ve learned the most important things in life: confidence, trust, strength, and control.

Being up in the air on their bikes, these bikers truly depict these qualities. They show us what it is to be confident, strong, and in control. They show us what all of us are capable of when we can really trust ourselves. They assert a control so strong they are literally one with their bikes when performing these stunts. Riding has taught them to put all their faith in themselves and their skills. Is there any larger lesson?