Brayden Schrader


Growing up I’ve always had a fascination with flying or climbing mountains to get a birds eye view of the earth. Being trapped on the ground due to gravity, we as humans rarely get the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective. I’m interested in how looking down at the surface of the earth from above changes the identity and shape of it. There are new geometric shapes and lines that appear, which you would never see looking at it on the ground. I have found this relationship between them to be very fascinating, because no matter which way you inspect something, you will never be able to fully see it. Each way you look at something you lose values and gain values. For example, looking at a skyscraper from above would look like a square with no height, while on the ground it would be extremely tall and look much different. It's intriguing to see how things look different when you take a value away from it and view it with a different perspective. There are thousands of objects that we drive by everyday just to ignore them because we’ve “seen it already,” but in reality we have not fully seen it. This project consists of using the drone to my advantage and utilizing the ability to have a camera in the air. I hope to show the viewer a new perspective of the daily world, and allow them to have a different experience viewing the planet we live on.