Matthew Van Scoter

See What We Feel

How do you explain something, when your words escape how you feel? How do you give a voice to those who feel voiceless? The battles of dealing with PTSD can be a difficult one to explain. The often misconception that a person dealing with PTSD is “crazy” is, in itself, a crazy statement. I wanted to visualize what it feels like inside of the mind of a veteran when they’re struggling with their own PTSD. I asked other veterans what they saw when they closed their eyes, and to visualize what it would look like. I used what they said, as well as my own experiences as a guide in the creation of what you see.

“This series of images was created to help heal the mind and soul, while showing the world what it can be like when you’re struggling with PTSD; all the while using photography as a form of therapy through visual exploration.”