Kormiyaki Lamarr

The World as New

The COVID 19 virus has taken control of the world and has affected everyone’s life in some way or the other. This is truly a hard time for every one of us. I landed back in Shillong, India, only to look at my house in a completely different perspective. I had no tools and equipment, something most of us count on for all shoots and I had to resort to my foundation learning and use natural light as my biggest source of light. I also wanted to experiment without light and see the difference it made to my subject. During the process of setting up the house with available lamps and a projector, I figured out how much I enjoyed making something out of nothing.

I managed how to use my knowledge to candidly show my subject in their raw habitat, doing what they do on a regular day peppered with my own aesthetic. My lighting strategy is very dramatic as I want to document the domestic drama of isolation in our own homes aside from the current global concerns. The images also showcase a form of isolation within our own space at home.