Carli Glick

Home is where the heart is

For this project I went out weekly taking photos at the specific time when the sun is setting (around 6-7pm.) in and around my neighborhood in Burbank, CA and Gurnee, IL. I waited until that specific time for none other reason than the way the sun starts to shine on the buildings. (The way the light shines also casts very deep and interesting shadows coming from trees, bushes, cars, etc.) I particularly love that time of day and connect that time with great childhood memories and the warmth of the sun reminds me of happier/warmer days.

The images I am taking are often of exterior parts in homes where you are used to seeing but with a sense of “family” and by that I mean there are clues in which you can tell these houses are still very much being lived in. I also look for cars, and garages, which are usually next to or in the homes to show other aspects of the houses that are easier to show livable spaces. (such as personal items, and relatable objects).

The reason for why I took these images is because when I moved down to california, it was a very big change for me in my life. I had the thought of leaving just two years earlier, but at the time I let fear get the best of me. I was finally ready, and I went for it. The city of burbank had become my second home, not only because i was living there, but also from past memories of when i would visit family every other year for holidays and celebrations, but also being the fact that my family is still there. I selected the houses I would often see weekly, even daily as I would walk with my aunt's dog. The images I took out here in Gurnee, reflected another type of second home for me in my childhood. I went to a neighborhood where I spent most of my years when I was younger. A lot of my friends tended to live near each other in this particular place and I think the images together can grasp the child in my hopes and wanting to find the true meaning of home.