Si Cheng


Mirrors are the simplest objects in our lives. Everyone has several mirrors in their homes. In this project, I discovered the connection between the mirror and photography, there is even a mirror in the camera and that when we are looking at the world through the lens of our camera we are actually looking at the world through the mirror. I tried to start expressing this connection in the photo.

The mirror is the main body of my shooting project. The mirror can be reminiscent of many things, such as reflection, space, and mystery. Mirrors also allow us to look at things from an entirely new angle and make obvious things interesting.

In this project, I used different expressions of the mirror to show my ideas. I shot in different evouriment, including indoor and outdoor and I used different kinds of mirrors. I have been urging myself to use the mirror to shoot, which has made me have many different ideas. For example, focus on space, focus on contrast. The more I shoot, the more I think. The infinite possibilities of the mirror can make my photos have an interesting visual effect. When the shooting environment is very common, I adjusted the angle of the mirror to make two different scenes exist in a space, making the photos more creative.