Narthana Sargod Gokarna


Art has always given the freedom to express one’s true self and emotions since the beginning of human existence. My art medium of choice is photography, and it allows me to explore the world by slowing down the time to see something far more than what meets the eye. Photography is my way of connecting to myself and the world around me, and it enables me to express myself without inhibitions. For this project “Viyog” which means separation in the language Hindi. I have captured contrasting black and white images to convey a story about the disconnection between two worlds that were a prominent influence in my life growing up, that has shaped me into the person I have become.

My Indian conservative values and western liberal ideologies have always contradicted each other because of which I feel like I don’t belong in either of the two cultural worlds. This project helps me channel my inner conflict by photographing in-between spaces of architectural sculptures, reflections, silhouettes that take away the identity of the person. I hope this project helps me and others to find their sense of belonging in a world that feels more disconnected than ever before.