Phanuphan Kitsawaeng

Human Landscape

When people think about nude (or naked) photos, they tend to be imaging about sexuality images. Or the images that can stimulate their sexual emotions state. In my opinion, nude photography has a (little)line between indecent and art. There is a sophisticated photo that can be seen from any point of view. However, I want to indicate that nude photos are not always about sex.

In this project, I used myself as an experiment, so I took photographs of myself in the nude to obsessed over the smoothness and ruggedness on the surface of my skin. I also played with the angle to make it more unrecognizable and show how much it can be seen.

Taking pictures as a self-portrait in nude was not as easy as I thought it was. I felt embarrassed, even though the body that I looked at was mine. I felt paranoid about someone looking at me, although no one was there except me. However, things turned upside down when I felt familiar with it. I started to feel free. Then I began to post unusual posts indeed. I focused on the surface of my skin, how it looks, and how it can be looked at rather than focusing on beauty and sexuality. Then I felt more comfortable when I had to stay in front of the camera while I was naked. And as I notice, photographs tend to be better when I capture it without anxiety.

The goal of this project is to demonstrate the different ways that people can see photos. For this reason, take some time to look at my pictures and think, think what you think it is. There is no right or wrong answer because we all see things differently based on our experiences or background. So, don’t define what it is because whatever it is, the way you look at photos can make all the difference.